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About us, the page shows Simple Healthy Tips. How it works and what is our destination and how we will help you to share an important health and fitness related post.

From tips like using a fork with your right hand only to walking backwards, the internet is filled with weird and wacky health and fitness tips that may or may not work. After researching countless hours of finding out the truth behind many of these so-called “weight loss tips”, we have come to know that most of these tips are myths.

After all this research we had one complaint, most times weight loss tips were either not effective or they were tips that we have heard a million times. So either way, we could not find a good reliable website that seemed to have a good group of weight loss tips and other supporting research all at once.

Working in the diet and fitness industry for the last five years, we have developed Simple Healthy Tips to help the average person find the biggest database of weight loss tips and other health tips that will help you lose weight quickly. We don’t want you to have to wade through many of the ridiculous tips that are out there and want you to find it all in one convenient place.

The biggest myth of all is that fact that weight loss can happen instantaneously by following one or two quick tips. But, weight loss is done most effectively through a combination of things.

First, you want to find and maintain the right train of thought and motivation. Sustained weight loss is done by making several lifestyle changes that can be implemented long term. The longer one can maintain such lifestyle, the longer the weight will remain off.

Next, you want to find a reliable source where you can find reliable information that will help you get where you need to.

Lastly, you want to keep a healthy habit that you know will last for a while. Most times, it means diversifying your weight loss efforts with several weight loss tips to make sure you are keeping your weight loss patterns, but that you are not making yourself too bored.

With, you have the perfect solution to these issues. We have all of the best health and fitness tips with the validating research to back it up so that you don’t need to do any extra research. We have made it simple for you to get knowledge health and fitness through our Simple Healthy Tips. Feel free to let us know if we have missed any other important tips that you are aware of by visiting the Contact us page.

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