Green Coffee – Myth turned out a reality

Extracted from the green coffee beans, green coffee is increasingly gaining popularity in many places of the world as well as in a number of health magazines. The benefits associated with green coffee are far beyond those of normal coffee, which is served as the world’s favourite hot beverage. While the coffee used as beverages have high amount of caffeine, green coffee do not have the harmful substance. Moreover, green coffee contains Chlorogenic acids that are lost when the coffee used as beverages are roasted. This implies that the vitality of green coffee is something that is founded on practical information.

green coffee

The world witnessed a huge debate over its effectiveness, especially after it was endorsed by dr.Oz, which promoted the substance as a miraculous fat burning ingredient that guarantees results, with all healthy methods, with science to prove it.


Green coffee has a range of health, weight loss, and metabolic benefits that come along with its consumption. The presence of properties like chlorogenic acids and absence of caffeine makes the coffee very important in health management.

1.Helps in Weight Loss

Presence of chlorogenic acid in green coffee is helpful in weight loss. Notably, antioxidants and acids such as chlorogenic acids, which enhance metabolism, facilitate the effectiveness of weight loss. For instance, chlorogenic acid present in green coffee helps spark liver metabolism and encourage the burning of fats and calories that is an ingredient of weight loss. When the coffee initiates metabolism and burns down fats, it helps your body deal with unwanted fat and reduces the amount of toxins in your body. As such, it is evident that green coffee plays a remarkable role in facilitating weight loss. To further help in controlling weight loss, green coffee inhibits accumulation of fats in the body. This takes place when the coffee limits release of glucose.

2. Prevents Diabetes

Another benefit that is evident from the use of green coffee is its role in minimizing the chances of contracting diabetes. Concisely, green coffee ensures that the liver is working in a proper manner, and thus, reduces instances where the liver releases unwarranted amounts of glucose. Moreover, green coffee ensures that your body enjoys balanced amounts of sugar as it limits and inhibits glucose from being released to the body. This means that instances where unwanted glucose and sugar levels move around the body become history.

3.Promotes a Balanced Blood Pressure

Weight loss and prevention of diabetes are not the only healthy and metabolic benefits associated with green coffee. On the contrary, the coffee is also important in control of blood pressure. Since historic times, green coffee has proved to be an important player in control and regulation of blood pressure in human bodies. The ability to neutralize free radicals, which are harmful, is an act that makes green coffee an important player in control of blood pressure. The antioxidants present in green coffee neutralize the radicals and induce a scenario known as anti-hypertensive effect. In actual sense, the effect is responsible for promotion of normal blood pressure. To prove the authentic nature of the information provided, institutions like Gastroenterology Research and Practice undertook a research, which proved that the information is indeed practical.